• Why Choose Natural Grass?

    Natural Grass has specifically design artificial lawn to appear 'natural' looking, which will keep your neighbours guessing. Our Natural Grass Blends are dense and luscious, and soft under foot. Not only is our grass the most natural looking grass on the market today, but it has passed strict independent laboratory testing, is free of heavy metals and achieved the highest rating for ultraviolet (UV) radiation resilience. This is why we offer a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on our ultraviolet (UV) radiation resilient PP & PE fibers.

  • Why choose artificial grass for your home?

    Artificial Grass is considerably lower maintenance than normal grass. No weeding, water, mowing or fertilising ever!

    Safe for Children and Pets, no prickles, no fertilisers and easy to clean away animal mess or food mess, by spraying the lawn with your garden hose.

    During the summer months your grass can become dull, and now with water restrictions keeping a greener lawn in summer has become impossible. With artificial lawn your are guaranteed a lush green lawn 365 days a year.

  • I have 2 dogs, which do their business outside, will this destroy the Grass?

    No, Natural Grass will stand up to even the toughest of pets! You will not need to worry about staining or mildew build up from your pets toilet business. Simply just spray away with your garden hose and enjoy your artificial grass.


  • How will I save money by installing Natural Grass?

    Install Artificial Grass to your home and save a substantial amount over time on Lawn Mowing, Fertilising and Watering.

    With a product life expectancy of 20 years you'll be sure to add a significant value to your bank account and your environment.

  • Can I Install Natural Grass myself?

    Yes, we offer DIY Packages for those customers wishing to cut their expenses and do it themselves! We offer step by step, easy to follow instructions to help you with your DIY Project.

    Call into our office at 22 Nicholson Road Picton East WA 6229 to choose and order your grass, and have it delivered to your door when convenient for you.

    Or alternatively call us on 0402 339 108 or email sales@naturalgrass.com.au to have a sample posted to your door.

  • Will Natural Grass install my Artificial Grass for me?

    Yes absolutely!

    We have contracted experienced artificial grass layers in your local area who can quote for your Natural Grass Installation.

    We offer a FREE, no obligation measure and quote. Contact us on 0402 339 108 to arrange a suitable time.

  • I have my own Landscaping Business can I buy and supply Natural Grass to my customers?

    Yes, we can supply at wholesale prices to any retail store or artificial lawn landscaper.

    To be one of our Natural Grass Suppliers please contact us on 0402 339 108.

  • What are my payment options?

    We accept payments via Eftpos/MasterCard/Visa at our office or over the phone.

    Address: 22 Nicholson Road Picton East WA 6229

    Phone: 0402 339 108

    Bank Cheque payable to Bunbury Artificial Grass

    Natural Grass offer 0% Deposit, 12 or 24 months, Interest FREE Finance.

    Please view our Finance Page to arrange pre approved finance, bring in your welcome letter and place your order that day!

  • Warranty

    1. Natural Grass warrants its synthetic turf against ultraviolet degradation & abnormal wear and tear for a period of 10 years.

    2. No additional warranties or modifications to this warranty can be affected by employees,

    distributors and agents of Natural Grass.

    3. This warranty does not apply if the products are used for any application other than as

    recommended by Natural Grass, nor to any damage incurred during installation

    or repairs and shall not apply if any defect is caused by:

    a) Burns, cuts, accident, vandalism, abuse, negligence;

    b) Normal wear and tear;

    c) Improper design or failure of the sub-base;

    d) Wear or abrasion caused by an incorrect sub-base;

    e) Use of in-fill products of an incorrect grade or level;

    f) Use of inappropriate footwear or sports equipment;

    g) Use of incorrect chemicals, herbicides or pesticides;

    h) Use of incorrect cleaning methods.

    i) Inspection of products before installation and cutting is the responsibility of the purchaser.

    j) Shrinkage of synthetic turf is a natural by product. Natural Grass recommends

    cutting and joining of the synthetic turf does not occur in temperatures above 30 degrees


    k) During installation, joins of the synthetic turf must be pegged every 300mm and one peg

    every metre throughout the area of the turf.

    l) During installation, 12kgs of silica sand must be used every square metre of synthetic turf.

    m) Do not install within 400mm of glass fencing and/or reflective surfaces which intensify

    heat radiation causing damage to synthetic turf.

    4. Natural Grass liability under the above, and under any other written warranty

    given by Natural Grass, and for any breach of term or condition as referred to

    above, shall be limited to either replacing or repairing the products – as agreed by Natural Grass. Labour is not covered under this warranty.

     5. Any claims regarding the products which do not relate to ultraviolet degradation (defined

    as 50% of mechanical strength) must be made within 90 days of receipt of the product.

     6. Natural Grass reserves the right to alter these warranty conditions at their